1994 Land Rover Discovery 300tdi Rhd

Land rover discovery, with only k miles. This is a uk import, which means right hand drive. It’s also equipped with the tdi engine. Which is known for reliability, unlike the engine that was in the us variant. I’ve just returned from a month +, ,mile trek across the country and back with it. During the trip, it had a roof top tent, packed full of essential camping gear, and a freezer. Basically lived out of it. Amazing experience. With the truck fully packed down, and the rtt it still returned nearly mpg! Tons of work was completed before leaving, and i’m sure there will be items left out that i will add as i remember. - rebuilt head & new head gasket. - new exhaust manifold & turbo - new delphi lift pump - new vacuum pump - new master cylinder - new radiator - timing belt set - driveshafts & rubber coupler. - new rear a frame ball joint. - procomp shocks with hd springs. ” lift. - all of the front suspension pieces have been replaced. - valve adjustment was done before the trip, along with the rocker cover gasket. - new separator - new fuel filter & oil change. - new proper & pricey “ap” front calipers, along with new rear calipers. Pads & rotors. (pagid & bosch ceramic) stainless braided brake lines. - new cooper discover at tires. K miles on them) - britpart exhaust with second silencer deleted. It’s not loud, the engine is louder than the exhaust. - silicone intercooler piping & all silicone coolant hoses. - transfer case, front & rear axles, and swivel seals all had their fluids exchanged. (truck is fitted with factory locking diff) - digital egt gauge that’s built into the center dash (kit is made for discovery) - new serp belt & tensioner. - low coolant warning kit, with rrc cap. - new alpine bluetooth head unit with rockford fosgate speakers. - arb rear electrical kit with plug for v - gavin made in us roof rack, that’s been modded to be flat. (roof top tent) - % side window tint and % windscreen. The land rover fires right up without any drama. It runs and drives great. It’s definitely not a museum piece, and if you’re seeking that. Definitely look elsewhere, but if you want something you can actually use. This is for you. It’s a rare factory a/c model. At some point the condenser leaked, so it was removed along with some of the lines. I tracked down another condenser, and some lines but one or so is missing. I didn’t have the time to fully sort this before leaving on my trip. But, it does have a compressor, lines, electronics all still fitted. The front windscreen leaks a bit, in heavy down pours. The seals along the windscreen will need replaced, as they are dry. Interior is in decent shape. Majority of early discos, the dash pulls up in areas and the plastics are subpar at best. No difference with mine! I would replace the center plastic piece in the dash ($ oil leak from corner of the oil pan, and drain plug. Lastly, the headliner was sagging and in its place is random rover articles out of magazines. You can have a new headliner fitted for under $, again. I ran out of time for this before heading off on my trip. This is a wonderful and unique truck. You cannot go anywhere without people asking about it or taking photos. Currently the market is absolutely insane, and for the asking price here. That doesn’t buy much truck in today’s economy. $,(roof top tent not included but rack is)

Posted 2 years ago

Location Atlanta, GA
Brand Land Rover
Era nineties


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