1985 Land Rover Santana Ligero

Land rover santana series ligero. Approx + miles on the truck, ,+/- on current engine. Originally a santana .L diesel...Now a land rover .L diesel. Loaded with extras like a wading snorkel, power brakes, roll bar, power steering, overdrive, dual diesel fuel tanks, *heater, trailer hitch, defender front seats, padded roll bar, front locking hubs, etc. The camo paint shows scratches but looks presentable. These trucks paint easily since all of the doors, fenders, and panels unbolt from the chassis. The body is mostly aluminum and the frame is galvanized. The only rust is predominantly surface rust with three areas that will need attention eventually.... The windshield frame (see note later) , driver’s footwell, and fender liner on the pass side. The only rust through i know of are spots on the windshield frame however a nos galvanized window frame treated with por-(outside) and waxoyl (inside) and painted to match the truck is included. The driver’s floor had a golf-ball sized hole which was treated with por-, patched with aluminum and then treated again with por-, primed and painted. It’s solid and will outlast the rest of the truck. New “weld-in” footwells are available for $, each side, from rovers north. The heater fan screeches like a banshee... It needs a new squirrel cage. As i don’t use it the heater lines have been removed so more coolant flows without having to go through the heater core. The original front signal lights were removed (faded) and new round proline lr lights adapted for use. I have the lights to do the rear but haven’t done it yet nor are they required now (not faded like the front). The ds front fender was modified to allow access to components on that side, or to retrieve a dropped tool or bolt, without removing the fender, which is the standard method of access. It seemed silly to remove the fender and all the components attached so it’s now no longer required. It looks nicely utilitarian too, i think. These trucks are part series ii/iii and part defender from the factory. For instance, it has a series ii bulkhead, series iii axels, and this one has defender seats. I've only found one part that can't be sourced and it's an engine front cover seal for the .D. I was able to use another seal as a substitute, however. All other parts are available in the us or can be substituted. The original main bolt engine was ruined when a pre-combustion chamber came loose at speed damaging the head and block. This was caused by a previous owner using starting fluid to start it versus fixing the $glow plug ballast resistor. The original engine was stripped and a main bolt engine sourced. This engine was professionally cleaned, bored .Over with new pistons, wrist pins, cam, etc, and the head rebuilt (by precision automotive in greeneville, tn) due to the desire to have it running before winter, i sourced a .Diesel from a italian market land rover defender with k on it. This was installed minus the turbo ( but it’s included) as it needs modification to clear the upper steering gear arm. It comes with the partially rebuilt .Engine (includes all parts to complete it including new gaskets, fuel pump, exhaust manifold, etc.), a good lr lt speed gearbox from the defender (will fit this truck), a rebuildable santana lt cylinder gearbox and transfer case (whines in th i was told), a defender radiator, various bell housings, and bins of parts (extra alternator, starter, intake manifold, engine internals, clutches, pressure plates, flywheel, etc, etc... All good or rebuildable... A ton of parts) it also comes with a set of nearly new terrafirma black lr nato style wheels and new mud tires with new radial tubes that were just installed (the old wheels/tires are included)... Less than miles ago. A huge whip antenna was installed but it’s not hooked up to anything. The steering gear box was just adjusted but needs fine tuning via the adjusting screw. It also has a new timing belt and tensioner installed, as well as a new thermostat, radiator cap, new core radiator, water pump, and fan belts. New parts and the year installed: new fender mounted round mirrors for when the upper doors are off- new mountney uk " steering wheel and spline boss- new spectre inline air filter and hoses- new rear axles and seals- new exmoor waterproof seatcovers- new pcv canister- new power steering reservoir, not installed- (needs hose adapters) new battery- new dash toggle switches- new belts- new mud flaps- new clutch, pressure plate, and throw-out bearing- new glow plugs- new top cord set- canvas tire cover- new starter- new ignition switch-(not installed but included) aluminum interior door panels- new .Down pipe, still in the box- /for an olive mount and as a flush mount) new .L fan, still in the box-(for the old engine if swap is desired) terrafirma black lr nato style wheels with new mud tires- (now less than miles) land rover uk snatch guard (modified for a winch and for series bumper)(rare)- brand new core radiator- nos windshield frame and new glass- (treated with por-on the galvanized frame then primed/painted)(needs to installed on the truck) new water pump-brand new timing belt with new tensioner and radiator cap- new badlands apex ,lb winch and winch cover - (will reduce price it the winch is removed) new battery cut off switch- rebuilt clutch master cylinder- new clutch slave cylinder (included but not installed nor needed right now)- new heavy duty high output alternator- new floor mats-new ps and ds upper doors with glass- (not installed yet) new speedometer cable - (not installed yet. The old cable comes off do to weak retaining clips) new front and rear propeller/drive shafts with u-joints - (not installed yet) new green canvas top on order (special order) from exmoor trim (uk) -(the bed sides will need modified to fit) new leaf spring bushings - (not installed yet) new hella off-road lights with covers and a switch in the cab (it’s wired to the high beams) - i'm sure i'm forgetting a lot of stuff. What it needs: timing adjustment. New valve cover gasket installed (it's included) new muffler (hole) (a new diy exhaust with stainless muffler is included) new wiper switch, it's included but needs installed. Heater fan squirrel cage. New door seals (defender style seals) soft top window repairs (i have material for two of the three windows) or the new top installed when it arrives. Lastly, the heater core needs flushed as it’s been unhooked from the cooling system. Parts are relatively cheap ($for axles, gasket set $, starter $, clutch master cylinder repair kit $., etc.). This vehicle is slow so forget interstate speeds. It cruises best at -mph and is great at lower speeds. It will do but will slow at each hill and start to run hot. The overdrive helps but the engine is "agricultural" at best. I use it locally and to do work on my farmette. It'll climb areas my old tractor won't. This santana is a hobby vehicle. I enjoy putzing with it hence the new parts, most not needed nor required. It's simple to work on and is tech-free. All manuals are included as well. The manuals cover series, defender, and the defender engine currently in it. I've only seen of these vehicles scattered across the u.S. They're very rare here. Comes with clear tn title in my name. Contact tim (

Posted 2 months ago

Location Knoxville, TN
Brand Land Rover
Era eighties


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