1937 Chevrolet Pickup

Chevrolet pickup chevrolet pickupchevrolet pickups had entered the “modern era” starting with the model year. For this model year, all new sheet metal was introduced and the gaps in payload capacities were closed with the addition of both ¾-ton and ton models. Styling was very attractive and borrowed heavily from the passenger car line.For consignment, borrowing heavily from the passenger cars of with their tall grille and undulating fenders. This example has been fully restored in and is retaining its beauty from that restoration. A owner truck since new, and now a beautiful interior to go with the car like exterior.Exteriorstarting with that wonderful tall grille upfront that is in a widening v shape with vertical ribs the radiator surround comes to a widows peak on the hood then runs to the middle of the cowled hood. A single headlight hangs off of either side and is framed in front with a polished chromed bezel. A simple curved shiny bumper is below, and this protects those wonderful centerfold curved front fenders. All steel for this truck, with no rust, just deep blue paint. For this year gone is the wood framing of the cab and it is now all pressed steel all rounded over and very nice. A thin band of trim encircles the cab just below the door handle line. All steel for the bed sides which are rolled over at the top edges. The fenders frame blackwall tires which wrap blue steel wheels with a dog dish chevy badged moon cap, and a thin trim ring at the edge. Running boards help entry to the cab and all is rust free on these. The bed is lined with like new lacquered yellow pine and blue metal strips are holding this bed to the frame. On back a chevrolet badged steel gate and just below another single curved shiny bumper. All straight with well minded gaps for this exterior.Interiortan colored door panels lead the way to the interior where a full coffee covered vinyl bench stretches across to the other door. Rubber lines the floors, and above a

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Location Morgantown, Pennsylvania
Brand Chevrolet
Era thirties


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