1923 Reo Touring

Reo ttouring for years old this car is in great original condition, surface rust only and no dents. This automobile is very complete with the only parts missing are the seats, top and tires, everything important is there so you don’t have to go looking for those hard to find parts. My intention when i purchased it was to get it running and driving and not restore it as that would be to costly, just to drive it around just the way it is would be a hoot, the fellow who owned it before me had all the interior wood replaced so that’s one thing done, but medical issues got in the way and now im sorry to say i have to sell it. The motor is stuck do to i would say many years of just sitting, who know’s how long since it last ran? I took the valve cover off and removed the plugs and put in marvel mystery oil in each cylinder but never got around to trying to get it unstuck, it’s a overhead valve cylinder and the top end looked very clean. Police all over the country used reo’s as they were one of the fastest cars on the road at that time. There are no parts missing but what i mentioned above. It would be hard pressed to find a automobile in this amazing condition, especially a reo. Back then this would have been a very desirable car to own. A friend of mine said i should just put in a old chevy with a truck top loader speed and have fun with it? I personally would have liked to get the original motor running. Sixzeroseveneight seven

Posted 2 months ago

Location Sierra vista, AZ
Brand REO
Era twenties


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